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In Pines Living we offer a professional laundry service for you and your loved ones. This service aims to simplify the life of residents and their families. The laundry room here is a very attractive asset. We ensure the treatment of residents' laundry for their well-being, the satisfaction of families, the image of the establishment. We can take care of the residents' personal laundry as well.

Caring & Washing

At Pines Living, we have duly accredited laundry and ironing facilities, with separate spaces for dirty and washed laundry.
Sheets, towels, face washers and bathmats are also provided and changed weekly or earlier, if needed. Beds are re-made daily.
Personal clothes can be taken to visiting relative’s homes for washing, or can be washed by our laundry in our on-site laundry. For personal clothes, we offer a labelling service.

Linen Service
The household linen is provided by us and the maintenance of the residents' personal linen can be taken care of by our laundry service. When the resident is admitted, personal linen will be marked with the name of the person with woven names. This will be invoiced with the subsistence costs. Traceable Clothes
To guarantee full traceability and avoid the risk of loss, laundry never leaves our establishment and is properly tagged after being cleaned. If you opt for our service, the entire set is marked with labels and a QR code, in order to facilitate the traceability of the clothes. Once the cleaning is done, the clothes are given back to the residents.

Expert Team

At Pines Living we have a large laundry situated on the ground floor. The laundry comprises 2 commercial washing machines, 1 commercial and 2 domestic dryers, with separate clean and dirty areas. All laundry is done on site.

We have a dedicated expert team that specifically takes care of your laundry services. This team provides a high standard of care including usage of state of the art equipment to deliver quality service.

Best Service
Thanks to the use of most innovative and reliable equipment, our ideal laundry solutions exist for the capacity and performance that suit these establishments. The strength of our equipment ensures years of peak performance in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene of the clothes and linens.

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